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Uncategorized — Jeff Eske on October 26, 2011 at 3:57 pm

I’m on a team that’s starting to assess whether to move away from our current products to the Microsoft System Center suite of products.  I’m in the process of gathering numbers for what we currently spend.  Then, we move on to see what the equivalent would cost with System Center.  It should be an interesting investigation.

ITSM 6.3.2 and IMAP/SSL

ITSM — Jeff Eske on October 20, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Found out that the email listener in FrontRange ITSM 6.3.2 doesn’t work with IMAP over SSL.  There is evidently something buggy about FSMTService.exe.  I was able to get a hotfix from FRS that was basically just a fixed version of FSMTservice, and it solved the problem.  What I was getting originally were errors like:

“Error occured while connecting to the email server. Reason: NO Logon failure: account currently disabled. ”


“Error occured while connecting to the email server. Reason: NO The parameter is incorrect.”


“Error occured while connecting to the email server. Reason: NO The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to.”

After it would throw some errors, FSMT would crash.  You could restart FSMT and it would work for a minute, throw errors, then crash again.  The fact that there were multiple different errors made it harder to track down.  Eventually the Support Tech was able to find a Knowledge Base (KB) article in their system that described a different error with IMAP/SSL, but we decided to give it a try and see if it solved my issue.  Lo and behold, it did!

Evidently, the issue is fixed in ITSM 3.6.4, but the hotfix will fix older versions.

Original 6.3.2 version of FSMT: 6.0.1001.811

Fixed version of FSMT: 6.3.1001.913

ITSM and Checking IMAP over SSL

General,ITSM — Jeff Eske on October 12, 2011 at 2:20 pm

We’re in the process of moving our users from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.  In that process, we’re needing to move our ITSM mailboxes to 2010 also.  As of right now, it’s looking like the version of ITSM that we’re on (6.3.2) doesn’t appear to like the fact that the Exchange server will be serving up IMAP over SSL.

In the course of troubleshooting this, I’ve learned how to at least test that I’m able to connect to the IMAP server, via SSL.  With a non-SSL IMAP connection, you can just use telnet –

machine:~$ telnet mydomain 143.  That should be enough to confirm that you can get a connection to the server.  With an SSL-enabled connection though, you of course need to connect via an SSL connection.  Linux to the rescue!  I run a Linux desktop, so I have an SSL client at my fingertips.  I’m able to simply run openssl and connect to the IMAP server, over SSL.  Simply open a terminal and run openssl’s client – machine:~$ openssl s_client -connect mydomain:993

Since the problem that I’m seeing appears to be a connection issue, I haven’t gone beyond simply checking the connection, but I would assume that, at that point, you should be able to run the usual IMAP commands.

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