Adding and Removing “Spaces” in High Sierra

Uncategorized — Jeff Eske on March 15, 2018 at 8:51 am

For those looking for the short answer to adding/removing Spaces in High Sierra – press the Control Key and the Up arrow and you’ll get the Spaces Bar across the top of the screen.  From there, you can click the + in the right corner to Add a Space or click on an existing Space and hit the little x in the top-left corner of the little window to remove it.


The longer version –

I’m generally a Windows, Linux, and Android Guy, although I have used and supported Macs and iOS devices in past tech lives.  I’ve mainly not really been a fan of the way they’ve chosen to handle navigation on their devices.  Anyway, I’ve just been given a new MacBook Pro at work, ostensibly to use for development on some new projects that I’ll be participating in.  Even though I’m not a big fan, I’m also not one to turn down new tech, especially shiny, expensive tech, so I accepted it!

In addition to mainly using non-Mac tech, I also prefer only a single monitor.  I’ve tried multiple-monitor setups in the past, but have found that I’m actually less efficient with multiple monitors, rather than more efficient.  The extra monitor(s) just cause extra distraction for me.  What I have found to help is multiple desktops within that one monitor.  My preferred xfce desktop manager makes that easy to accomplish on linux and VirtuaWin works as an excellent choice on Windows.  Fortunately, the Mac OS comes with that baked right in too.  Apple refers to their version as Spaces, but whatever.

The thing that I was having problems with was figuring out how to get the Spaces bar to show up so that I could add and remove Spaces.  I finally figured out that if you simply press the Control Key and the Up arrow and it will pop the Spaces bar up along the top of the screen.  Easy Peasy.  That now allows me to have different applications and Remote Desktop windows open in different Spaces, and then just switch between them.  That way, I can concentrate on one task at a time, with less distractions, but switch between applications when necessary.


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