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iReport — Jeff Eske on July 27, 2011 at 9:06 am

I’m in the process of creating reports for FrontRange ITSM, here at work.  To this point, I’ve been developing charts with PHP/GD.  I found a very good PHP charting class out there ( ) but am going to try something more suited to reports.  I’m giving Jaspersoft iReport a try.   One problem – by default, iReport doesn’t ship with a driver that allows me to connect to the Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) server that I need to connect to.  In addition, the documentation that I could find sucked.

It actually turned out to be pretty simple to add support for MS SQL.  I went out to the JTDS site ( and downloaded the zip file with the necessary jar file in it.  I then copied jtds-xxx.jar in the the libs folder in iReport.  On my machine, that folder was C:Program FilesJaspersoftiReport-4.0.2ireportlibs.  At that point, I had the jar file in the right place, but iReport didn’t know about it.  Once you’ve copied the jar file to the correct place, you need to start iReport and go to Tools > Options > iReport > Classpath and click on “Add JAR”.  Navigate to the jar file that you just added and click “Open”.  OK out of all of that and restart iReport.  At that point, when you go in to add a connection, that driver should show up.

UPDATE 10/24/2012 – You’ll need to be careful when upgrading iReport also.

Jeff Eske


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