OTRS – Changing Priority With The ITSM Module(s) Installed

OTRS — Jeff Eske on May 17, 2012 at 9:41 am

Found out something interesting today.  I was looking into configuration, regarding setting the Priority within an existing ticket.  In our case, we’re looking at using the ITSM modules, to enable a number of features that aren’t available in the base OTRS system.  The ITSM module also adds a Category<->Impact<->Priority matrix and a Criticality<->Impact<->Priority matrix.   I currently have a dev machine and a test machine both setup with the same versions of OTRS and ITSM installed.

What I noticed while comparing the two was that on one system, I was only given the option to set the Priority of an existing ticket, while on the other, I was given both Impact and Priority.  Same system setups, different options.  Why?  Well, it turns out that there is one very poorly identified option that makes the difference.

Image of the Priority page only allowing updating Priority:

Image of the Priority page allowing updating both Impact and Priority:

The option in question is located in:


and is  titled:


Here’s an image of the option in question.

As you can see, it says absolutely nothing about what it ACTUALLY controls.  With the option checked, you’ll get both Impact and Priority.  With it unchecked, you get only Priority.



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