Decoding Individual Sounding Files with Gempak Decoders

Posted on May 14, 2009

I realize this post is pretty rough, but it tells ME what I need.

download/obtain sounding data in wmo format.

Open file and add beginning and ending headers/footers.

save as “soundings.txt”.

First Run: cat soundings.txt | dcuair  -d – YYYYMMDD_upa.gem

This will throw DATTIM errors because the archive date/time will be different than expected.  It will show you what the datafile time is, so you can correct your commandline to match it.

Next Run:  cat soundings.txt | dcuair -c 20090529/0000 -d – YYYYMMDD_upa.gem

Adjust this date/time to each required combination, until all of the records have been decoded.

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