Homemade Leather iPhone Case

General — Jeff Eske on February 6, 2013 at 5:10 pm

When I got my iPhone 4s for work, I needed to get some type of case for it.  What I started out with, was a basic case from Incipio.  The case worked great, but after a while, I realized that I needed a case that could actually carry some ID cards as well.  There are doors, as well as parking lot access gates here at work that require a swipe card for access.  I originally just carried the cards in my fancy homemade leather wallet, but that meant that I had to pull my wallet out every time.

Rather than buying an iPhone case that included a card pocket, I decided to make one.  I had already made a watch band and a wallet, so why not a phone case?  The band and the wallet were both hand-stitched, since the leather was pretty thick, but phone case leather was thin enough that I decided to give my old (OLD) Singer a run at it.  It worked perfectly.  Now, I can keep my work-related access cards together with my work-related phone.  It will comfortably hold the phone, plus a couple plastic cards and a business card or two.

Jeff Eske

iPhone case with the iPhone and cars in it.

iPhone case with the iPhone and cards in it.


iPhone case empty.

iPhone case empty.



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