iReport – Classpath and Importing Settings

Posted on October 22, 2012

I found that you need to be careful when updating iReport.  When you install, it picks a new folder by default.  This is kind of nice in that you can have multiple copies of iReport on your machine.  When you open iReport, it will even let you know that if found previous installs and volunteers to import the setting for you.

Well, importing settings sounds good, but you need to be careful.  I went ahead and gave it a try, just out of curiosity.  I have a few extra .jar files that I’ve added, to enable access to various databases.  I covered how to get the jtdc jar file added to the classpath in a previous post.  I wanted to see how importing settings affected those .jar files.  I was curious if importing settings only imported settings, or if it would actually copy over the jar files, etc.  Well, it simply copies over the classpath information, not the resources that are pointed to in the classpath.

I assume that if you create a generic iReport directory and always install new version there, overwriting the previous install, you won’t encounter any issues.  If instead, you create a new folder for each version, you need to be careful about your classpath references.  You can end up with classpath references to previous iReport folders and if you rename/remove those iReport folders, you then break your current install.

Something to think about.

Jeff Eske

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