iReport – Plain Text Passwords

Posted on October 29, 2012

Everyone already (should) know that iReport will save your connection passwords in plain-text.  Depending on your level of paranoia, this may or may not be an issue.  If you’re not paranoid and you save the connection passwords, it can come in handy.  I needed to setup connections on a second computer and didn’t have the connection passwords.  Everything was already setup on my other machine, so I was able to actually just go in and find the password that I couldn’t remember and just copy/paste it into my connection on the other machine.  Voila! Problem solved.

If you need to find the connection password(s), they’re saved in a file named in each user’s own .iReport folder.  In Windows 7, my file was at: C:\Users\my user profile\.ireport\4.x.x\config\Preferences\com\jaspersoft\  I simply opened it in a text editor and searched for password.  I then copied and pasted it in to my new connection.

Jeff Eske

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