ITSM Team Incident and Task Viewing

ITSM,Programming — Jeff Eske on July 20, 2011 at 4:18 pm

I’ve started creating a web page that will give you a list of all of the ITSM Incidents/Tasks that are assigned to a team within ITSM.  It gives you a “read-only” view of the Incidents and Tasks for each team  member and allows you to view them in a new window.  It’s been tried on various smartphones, including Blackberry, iPhone, and various Android phones.  It also works on all of the other iDevices.   It’s displays REALLY basic HTML, so it should work on virtually anything with a browser.  I’m using PHP and directly querying the DB server to pull the appropriate information.  It may not be perfect, or the preferred method, but it’s quick and I understand it.


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