Of Mice and Coffee

General — Jeff Eske on November 28, 2012 at 2:13 pm

I’ve found what, for me, has been a handy little tidbit of information.  I’ve found that coffee is a VERY effective mouse bait.  Yep, good ‘ol coffee.  A couple of years ago, I had a mouse break (chew) into one of my kitchen cupboards and ransack the place.  One of the main things it attacked?  My tea and instant coffee bags.  Little bugger!  Well, I fortified the cupboard and set traps in the kitchen, using peanut butter as bait.  I’ve used peanut butter for a long time, and that seemed to do the trick, but didn’t seem as effective as it should be.

The mouse problem went away and I didn’t think any more of it.  Then, last winter, we had a mouse problem at work.  What did they pillage in my desk?  My coffee and tea again!  THAT got me thinking.  The next time I had a need to catch a mouse, I set a trap with my standard peanut butter, BUT I sprinkled a little Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon Spice ground coffee on the peanut butter also.  Well, that made ALL the difference!

Mice seem to like coffee as much as some humans.  I’m sure the aroma probably helps draw them to their doom also.  Whatever the case, the only way I bait my mouse traps now is with BOTH peanut butter and coffee.

As long as they don’t get the coffee and then get away.  Imagine the damage that a jacked-up, caffeinated mouse could do…



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