OTRS – All Services for All LDAP Customers

Posted on June 12, 2012

In our organization, we’re using our LDAP system as our customer database.  Since we have thousands of users, it would virtually impossible to go through and make certain services available to only certain users.  The easier way for us to do it is to make all services available for all users, so that we don’t miss something.

Within the Admin interface of OTRS, you can set a group of “default services” that are available to all users.  While trying this out, I ran into a problem.  I would add a new service, go in and add it to the list of default services and try creating a new ticket.  When I would do that, I wouldn’t be able to see the new service for ALL customers.  I searched and searched online to find a solution and couldn’t find one.  I went in to the actual files and tried to find a way to always pass a particular UserID, so that it would alway use that User to determine what services to populate.  That way, I could just make sure that user was linked to the service and it would be available to everyone.

Eventually, after meeting with failure on all of those attempts, I decided to try what felt like a “hail Mary” pass.  I decided to go in and actually delete all of the records out of the service_customer_user table.  After doing that, I went in and tried creating a ticket.  Well, at that point, NO services showed up!  I went in to the Customer <>Services area in Admin and found that there were no default services chosen.  I went ahead and checked all of the services as default services and, lo and behold, they all show up for every customer now.

It appears that as soon as you start picking individual services for individual customers, it seems to interfere with the default services.  Anyway, for me, it worked to just delete all existing records and then just re-check boxes in the Admin interface.


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