OTRS – Import Configuration Items From Outside Sources

Posted on August 28, 2012

OTRS’s web services only work for tickets and articles.  At the present time, you can’t really manipulate other items within OTRS via web services.  One of the things that we’d like to be able to do though is to leverage our LANDesk information within OTRS.  We would like to be able to automatically create CI records within OTRS and populate them with LANDesk data from our users’ PCs.

I’ve been experimenting with a way to get our LANDesk information into OTRS.  The method that I’ve come up with isn’t ideal by any means, but it seems to work.  OTRS has an import/export utility that can actually be used to bring in outside information.  First, you need to create a template from within the OTRS Admin interface.  Once that’s done, you can then setup a cron job to actually run the import/export script, utilizing the template that you created.  You’ll also need to create a directory where a LANDesk data dump can land.

The basic process would be:

1> LANDesk runs a search for Items and creates a delimited text file of the items.  Once an initial run of ALL Items is done, this should probably just be for any Items that have changed since the last run.

2> The LANDesk data dump file is dropped to a directory that’s accessible to both LANDesk and OTRS.

3> The OTRS import/export script is run and imports the LANDesk CI information into OTRS.  It creates new Items, or updates existing Items

4> Rinse and repeat.

Our environment is static enough that we probably won’t run the whole process more than once or twice a day, but it could be done more often.  In a future post, I might walk through the whole process of creating the template, etc.

UPDATE – 10/3/12:  I ran into an end-of-file (EOF) error when running the import script. I’ve noted what I did about it here.

UPDATE – 6/19/13: I’ve added an entry describing how to create the necessary import template.  You can read that here.

Jeff Eske

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