OTRS – Moving dynamic fields around in the New Ticket View

Posted on June 15, 2012

UPDATED:  I’ve changed employers and have moved on to other projects.  I no longer use OTRS, or have access to OTRS, so I won’t really be able to help you beyond what I’ve already posted here. 


By default, OTRS places the dynamic fields at the bottom of the ticket and basically uses a function to scroll through and list them, one right after the other.  One nice feature that can be taken advantage of though, is the ability to hardcode the display of specific dynamic fields.  Using this, in addition to setting things up to show/hide the dynamic fields in different situations, allows us to setup the new ticket page in a more customizable manner.  You can actually put the code that displays the dynamic field anywhere within the ticket page that you want to, which means that you can move it from the bottom of the page up closer to the top, so that it’s more prominent.

One thing to remember though – if you leave the default dynamic field function in at the bottom of the page, the dynamic field will still be displayed there also.  What I did was comment out the default function and just hardcode in my dynamic fields where I wanted them.  The downside is that any new dynamic fields that are added to OTRS won’t automatically display.  You’ll have to go in and manually add them to the New Ticket page.  The upside is that you can position the field exactly where you want it on the page.


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