OTRS – Remove “Company Tickets” from Customer Portal

Posted on June 21, 2012

I’m not totally sure what a person is supposed to do with the “company” options within OTRS.  The way our organization is setup, I don’t see any real use for it.  In fact, in our situation, it probably wouldn’t do anything but confuse our end users.  To help eliminate that possibility, as well as to simply help simplify the interface, I wanted to remove the “Company Tickets” link from the customer interface.

After a little searching on the internet and a little poking around in OTRS, I found what I needed to do. I needed to remove an entry from Ticket -> Frontend::Customer::ModuleRegistration

1> Login to OTRS and go to Admin > SysConfig.

2> Use the Actions dropdown and choose “Ticket”.
Choose Ticket from Dropdown

3> Once the list of Ticket-related settings come up, scroll down and click on “Frontend::Customer::ModuleRegistration”.


4> Once you’re in the ModuleRegistration settings, scroll down until you find one called “Company Tickets”.

Company Ticket entry

5> Click on the little “minus” at the bottom of the entry, to delete it.

6> Once the page refreshes, scroll to the bottom and click on “Update” to finalize everything.

7> Log in to the Customer portal and verify that “Company Tickets” no longer shows.



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