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I have a full-time job as an Application Administrator, but I also do side projects, just because.   What does an Application Administrator do exactly?  I’m not sure, but I know that I actually do a lot more than just administration tasks.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some information about my work projects and personal projects posted here shortly.


Task Manager/TODO List Manager

I’m wanting to learn some new web technologies (jquery, HTML5, mobile apps, etc.), so I’ve started creating yet another task manager (YATM).  It’s going to hopefully be offline/online, consisting of a website version, plus a mobile app that syncs with it.  Hopefully, I’ll learn some useful things in the process.  I’ll add updates as I progress.


OTRS Mobile Front-end

I’m in the process of creating a mobile front-end for OTRS.  There are a couple of decent apps out there that can be used on iOS and Android, but I decided to create a completely HTML-based version, just because I can.  I have a link to a short video that shows the progress to this point.


Image Archive system

I built an image archive system for the Pathology department where I worked.  They were in need of a place to store autopsy images used in training Residents.  I created a system with PHP/MySQL that looked a lot like Google Image Search did.  You could search for images based on keywords or descriptions and it would return a page of thumbnail images.  You could then click on an image to view the full-size version.  The bottom of the page included page navigation similar to Google’s, with links to 10 pages, plus Previous/Next links.  Getting the navigation to work correctly was probably the most challenging part of the whole project.  The system was actually HIPAA-compliant.  I set it up so that ALL access to the system was audited.  It recorded the date, time, user, actions, etc. for every single interaction with the system.

I code-named it CADAVER – Completely Automated Digital Archive View and Event Recorder (I thought it was pretty clever at the time).



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