“The Cloud” – A Little Black Rain One or a Wispy White One?

General,Web Stuff — Jeff Eske on August 7, 2012 at 10:09 am

Here’s a cautionary tale that’s pretty interesting.  In short, hackers wanted a Wired journalist’s 3-letter Twitter handle, just for fun.  In the process, they deleted his gmail account (and 8 years’ worth of email), remotely wiped his iPhone, his iPad, and his Mac (in the process obliterating his only copy of photos from the first year of his daughter’s life).  It was basically a Perfect Storm of failures.  Like I say, it’s interesting, but pretty scary.  Something to think about as more and more of our lives get wrapped up in “The Cloud”…

TheRegister had an article about it.

Mat Honan’s personal account about what happened:

It’s a cautionary tale that points up a concern of mine – the interconnectedness of everything digital, and the shortcomings of some providers in protecting that information.  I’m definitely sitting down and reassessing the connectedness of my digital life.  I’ve been tending towards more consolidation of things, to simplify things for me.  The problem with that, obviously, is that it also simplifies things for people that AREN’T me but want to pretend to be…



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